Yoga, Breath and Inspiration Retreat for You, 27 Aug – 3 Sep 23

This retreat is about freeing up your resources and unlocking your mind, to release more of your inherent potential!

We do this best when we are in physical, emotional and mental balance. The retreat therefore contains teaching, exercises and techniques that strengthen the connection between the physical, emotional and the mental of the participants.

Techniques in energy management, stress management, breathing exercises, meditation and yoga are central. And this can help dissolve blockages that prevent us from unleashing our inherent potential.

The retreat also contains individual coaching sessions and themes related to coping with our everyday life and the interaction with others.

Sleep, food and the elements of nature affect us more than many are aware of, and this is why we choose Kathy`s Island Retreat as our location. Here  we receive optimal conditions for these important dimensions.

You do not need any prior knowledge to participate, but you must be curious about your inherent potential.

At this retreat You, and your inherent potential are in focus, in beautiful and powerful surroundings!

You are warmly welcomed!

For more information and registration: and Retreat&Workshop

Contact Toyni, mobile: 915 85 061