The Restaurant

Our Soul Kitchen

We strongly believe we are what we eat. At the Healing Centre we have a high focus on healthy cooking. We use as many organic ingredients as we can. The fruit and vegetables we serve and use are mostly from Greek Islands close to us – meaning they are ripe and ready to eat when they are picked and when they arrive at our doorstep. We offer vegetarian and vegan meals, with the option of gluten-free alternatives.

For us, “healing through food” means that we value what we put in our bodies. Serving anti-inflammatory food is important for us. This means we create menus that are prepared in a healthy way (no deep frying, but if baked we use the oven), with as much nutritional value as possible, no gmo and as little processed food as possible.

We love freshly made juices and offer a wide selection, whether you just want a green detox juice for breakfast or want to try a day with only juice fasting.

When you come for a healing week, we look at your dietary needs and together we come up with a meal plan that suits you best.