The experience at Healing Centre Karpathos was transformational to say the least. During my time at the center, I had the chance to give my body the space to heal deeply. Through conscious asana practice, pranayama techniques and sound healing sessions, stored tensions, emotions and old thought patterns slowly came to surface and were released in the most natural and beautiful way.
The guidance from the instructors as well as the supportive environment around are fundamental elements in this journey, where deep healing can truly happen.
What I personally found transformative is that my body had stored negative emotions and created blockages that I was not even aware of.
I came to the center moved by simple curiosity and the wish to work on myself, but I left with much more: an authentic feeling of love and acceptance for who I am.
I’d highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a deeper meaning in life, who wants to explore their inner realm and develop authentic love and joy from within.