My experience at Healing Centre Karpathos was truly incredible and life changing. I felt warmly welcomed and a part of a family as soon as I arrived on the island. A member of staff greeted us at the airport and drove us to the retreat. Before arriving we paused to meditate by the sea at sunset. The scenery was beyond beautiful and peaceful. The meals were all amazing, the accommodations were perfect and everything ran smoothly. It is clear that a lot of thought and care was put into every detail of the retreat, and at the same time everything seemed to flow smoothly and effortlessly.
Every member of staff radiates joy and the energy at the retreat is amazing and blissful, which allowed me to experience an inner transformation in a safe, nurturing environment. With guidance during one-on-one sessions and during group meditations I was able to identify and let go of worries, judgements and false beliefs I had about myself. I let go of fear and insecurities and found my self. My mood and psychology has never been higher, even months after the experience, as I’m writing this.
One of the most powerful moments occurred during the sound healing sessions. My energy was cleansed as I felt trapped emotions coming to the surface and released. I cried, laughed, and felt reborn, free from the past. When I sat up after the session, I felt weightless and full of joy and gratitude. I also experienced a heart opening during a one to one energy healing session. I had a powerful visualisation and connection with my higher self, and made peace with my inner child. The pain I had in my chest completely disappeared and I felt a glowing energy all around me.
I’m incredibly grateful for everyone at Kathy’s Island Retreat and Healing Centre Karpathos for their attentiveness and kind, caring nature. I felt understood and regained a connection with myself and the world around me including both nature and people. The experience has left me transformed and inspired. Many amazing opportunities, people, and experiences have been attracted into my life, with ease, since returning home. My intuition is much stronger and it has become easier to let go of people and places that are not meant for me and instead make wiser choices.
Many thanks to everyone for the transformative experience and their continual support! Thank you so much!