Holistic Detox Retreat

Holistic Detox Retreat

23 – 30 April
30 June – 7 July

Are you yearning for a profound lifestyle change but unsure where to begin?

Is your body signaling a need for change, and yet you find yourself struggling to decipher its messages?

Are you exhausted by the constant mental chatter, craving nothing more than tranquility and inner peace?

Imagine a sanctuary, a magical place crafted to address these very challenges. A haven where the art of calming the mind is taught, facilitating a deep (re)connection with oneself. A retreat devoid of bustling to-do lists, free from the pressure of accomplishments—a space dedicated solely to your well-being.


Picture a place where you can ground yourself, breathe deeply, and release that which no longer serves you. Nestled by turquoise waters and enchanting mountains, it is the ideal setting to rejuvenate, creating space for self-care and introspection.


In the chaos of our daily lives, juggling work, family, and responsibilities, we often neglect our well-being, succumbing to stress that impacts our body, mind, and soul. The reliance on anti-depressants and painkillers has reached unprecedented levels, signaling a crucial need for change. How can we attain a life marked by happiness, health, and vitality?

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    Enter our Conscious Holistic Detox Week, an immersive experience designed to address every facet of your life—a 360-degree approach.


    Together, we’ll delve into nutrition, explore mental patterns, and assess energy levels—a holistic examination of self.


    Gain valuable insights into holistic health and learn the keys to a fulfilled and healthy life. Understand the factors influencing your well-being, discover what toxins and detoxifies your body, and acquire the tools to achieve nourishment and balance in every aspect of your life.


    Set against the breathtaking backdrop of a Greek Island, mere minutes from the sea, indulge in daily ocean baths, organic cuisine, energy healing, massages, and various supporting treatments.


    Our Healing package includes:

    • Single-room accommodation with a breathtaking sea view
    • Healthy, fresh, and organic detoxifying diet (anti-inflammatory, vegan, and gluten-free)
    • Daily fresh organic juices and invigorating shots
    • Daily Hatha Yoga classes (with the group)
    • 1x Yoga Nidra session during the week
    • 1x Sound Healing session during the week
    • 1x Massage session during the week
    • 1x Reflexology session during the week
    • 1x Emotion Code session
    • “Awakening” workshop/lectures
    • 1x Hiking excursion during the week
    • Daily meditation
    • Breathwork sessions, teaching various techniques for your daily routine
    • Nutrition and Juicing workshops
    • Practical workshop during week
    • Transport from and to the airport and transport for the excursion
    Price: 1495 euro, all included except additional services as described below.
    Please note that flight tickets to the island are not included in the price.
    Drinks outside of the schedule are not included.

    Additional Services:

    • Holistic nutrition coaching
    • Bach remedy sessions
    • Energy healing/Chakra work
    • Private yoga lessons
    • Conscious tuning fork session

    You will be accommodated at Kathy’s Island Retreat during the program.

    The rooms at Kathy’s Island Retreat are to an excellent standard and offer everything you need for a comfortable and restful stay. They are recently renovated, bright and functional. The guests get to sleep to the wonderful sound of the waves and wakes up by the summer breeze to an uninterrupted view of the sea.


    Kathy’s Island Retreat offers 6 guest rooms in the main house, 6 guest rooms surrounded by trees and vegetable gardens and two studios in a smaller dwelling on the same property. In total Kathy’s Island Retreat can accommodate a maximum of 22 people. All of the guestrooms in the main house have private bathrooms, a fridge, mosquito nets, air-conditioner, and balconies with ocean views.

    Stone house

    The smaller house offers two studios. Both rooms have two single beds, private bathrooms, a fridge, mosquito nets and air conditioner. This house doesn’t have a terrace outside the rooms, but a lovely roof terrace with a beautiful, uninterrupted sea view. The property also has a small swimming pool.

    Karpathos is an unspoiled Greek island that covers an area of more than 300 km2 and is the second largest island in the Greek Dodecanese group in the southeast Mediterranean. The island is situated right between Rhodes and Crete. It is a mountainous island with deep valleys and tops offering panoramic views all around the island.


    The climate gives hot summers with temperatures of up to 30 degrees and mild winters with an average temperature of 16 degrees. During winter and spring, the island is covered in green grass and flowers of all colours.


    The venue is located in Adia, on the west coast of Karpathos, nestling at the foot of a mountain reaching down to the beautiful Aegean sea, surrounded by pine trees and Bougainvillea, and with magnificent views of the coastline. Adia is a quiet place on the island, situated approximately 25 minutes drive from the airport and about 35 minutes drive from the main capital of the island, Pigadia.

    •  Swimming pool (outdoor)
    •  Air-conditioned rooms
    •  Environmentally friendly
    •  Garden
    •  Kitchen
    •  Meditation garden
    •  Multilingual staff
    •  Restaurant
    •  Smoke-free property
    •  Special menu request
    •  Terrace
    •  Yoga deck
    •  Yoga shala
    •  Free parking
    •  Laundry
    •  Parking lot
    •  Outdoor shower